FAQ: Web Design Prices

NOTE: Prices can naturally variate according to additional services and features that you might want to have. All prices are in Swedish Krona, and ex-vat. Please feel free to contact us if you don’t find the answer to your questions here.


Integration with
social networks

By integrating your website with social networks, you will not only keep a steady good connection with your customers, but also create more trust and a better online presence, as well as achieving extensive promotional opportunities. You'll have the chance to engage your audience with what is good!


Customer contact
enquiry forms

Remember that you can have online contact forms into your website, to make it easier for your customers to contact you; or even have questionnaires and enquiry forms to collect specific data you need from your website users.

Tailored design

We design your website according to your wills.

Search engine
friendly build

Every website we make is search engine friendly. It means we use latest web design standards in your website's architecture; so all search engines can find and categorize its contents.

Interactive elements

Websites with static pages sometimes don't have enough power to make a strong impressions. But we can bring more life, and more attraction to your website by including interactivity into it. E.g. adding nice slide shows, animated flash elements, picture galleries, etc...

Integration with
Google services

We can register your company on Google maps, and connect your website to Google Analytics; in addition, connect your email accounts to your Gmail. Therefore, you can manage everything related to your website all in one place.

Email Accounts

Usually all the webhost providers offer unlimited number of email accounts on your own domain, so you will have email addresses like (you@yourdomain).

750 SEK to use Google
AdWords for free!

You can advertise your business using Google Sponsored Links for the amount of 750 SEK for free. You can easily stop your advertising campaigns whenever you want without any charge or extra money!

Content Management

Content management system (CMS) allows you to edit the contents of your website at any time by your own, without having expert knowledge of programming and website design.

Page quantity

Up to 5 pages

Page quantity

Up to 10 web pages

Page quantity

+10 web pages
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