About us

Let's first tell you that we are so glad to see you reading this text! Our Services covers all aspects of illustration, graphic design, web design, and user interface design. We believe Tiny Little Monsters is one of the best companies that masters putting all experience, creativity, artistic sense, and talent to creat great designs.

Founded 2010 with a rich academic and practical background in visual communications, art, and design, the company is proudly an alumni of VentureLab.

How we think

We design different things, but all of our creations must have something in common; they have to be all creative, genuine, and highly artistic. We believe a good designer is responsive to the dynamics of the society and surrounding world.

Because, as societies develop, trends and styles within our visual culture alter too. Being up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and techniques within visual communications realm; as well as having an intellectual approach towards the design process, make Tiny Little Monsters a prosperous firm that can deliver professional designs.

Tiny Little Monsters is created, because we wanted more places in the world, where imagination and creativity can get the chance to reveal!

What monsters do

You know those apps that you never know how to use them? Or those ticket machines that waste 5 presious minutes of you, just to figuere out how to print a ticket? They have bad UX design! In short, UX (User Experience) Design is about making experiences (either real or digital) easier to use. UX / UI design is often considered as the design of websites, apps, machines, mobile communication devices, and software applications with the focus on the user's experience (UX) and interaction. User interface design is aimed to make the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible. Since it concerns accomplishing user goals, it is often called user-centered design. By help of good user interface design, users finish a task without giving unnecessary attention to the process of doing it.

UI design is complicated and and time consuming; and needs wise use of graphic interface design, look and feel design, creating prototypes and usability testing, user analysis and so on. If you are designing a new app or software, you may consider contacting us for the UI design of your product.

Children’s books illustrations, character design and concept design for animation and games, commercial and educational illustrations, and other sorts of illustration are what you can ask for from Tiny Little Monsters.

To make illustration is what Tiny Little Monsters are born for. We love illustrating because there is so much creativity, imagination, fantasy, and more than anything, art in it. To make professional and successful illustrations, one should be both an artist and designer in the same time, if you ask the guys here.

Hearing the word graphic design might remind you of logotypes, posters, billboards, and business cards. But graphic design is a sophisticated knowledge used in any great website, user interface, illustration, book covers, advertising videos, record sleeves and so forth.

Conveying the right message to the right audience through visual elements such as images, symbols, typography, and colors is a short description for graphic design. However, graphic design is not as small as this description! It is widely used in advertising world, and in creation of visual corporate identities.

You respect your company and your ideas, and naturally you value what goes under the title of your company. You have to make sure your website reflects your corporate image, is search engine friendly, has a user friendly and interactive interface design, and has an exclusive design that does not let its visitors to leave it. Don't forget your visitors are just a click away of choosing another website! If your target audience is not just people in your own neighbourhood, you already know how important it is to have a website with a unique and fresh design. Like any other element of your visual corporate identity, an easy to use website which is harmonized with your business, attracts a lot of audience and significantly increases your online presence.

Need to manage your website content by your own? Need an interactive Flash site? Or just a decent online brochure of yours?! Whatever it is, we are here to support you. Our monsters are great at designing impressive feature-rich websites!

We create exciting interactive multimedia presentations, and short films that can be used to grab attention for advertising proposes, or in business to business and interoffice communications. Our advanced multimedia presentations go beyond the simple PowerPoint slideshows, and help you to sell ideas, or give much more excitement and life to them. Presenting text, graphics, video, animation, and sound in an integrated way is called multimedia.

If you are also tired of boring slideshows, if you want to actively integrate your audience in what you present to them, or if you are in need of interactive user interfaces or corporate presentation films or any other multimedia services, consider contacting Tiny Little Monsters.