Illustration by Tiny Little Monsters
Best online multimedia survey application

It has been about two years that Tiny Little Monsters™ and SurveyLegend™ started their collaboration, to create the world's most user-friendly survey web-app ever!

Two years ago Monsters and Legends made a legendary decission, and it was making a tiny part of the web, a greater place to live and have fun in. We have been hardly working on the 'interaction design', 'user interface design', and 'user experience design' of the new SurveyLegend application; to make it easy and joyful to work with. If you ever created any online survey, you would notice how boring and complicated they are. But we both believed that survey solutions don't need to be like that; they are just made in such a bad way!

Recently we have started registering 'testers' for the beta version of our new survey web-app which we are soon going to release. However, there is still a long way left, but the more you 'like' SurveyLegend, the shorter this way becomes!

Monstrous thanks for all your tiny little clicks, and huge awesome love and support! ;)

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