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Client: Elin Iderberg

Photographer: Anna Rowland

Date: Feb, 2011

Poster design for 'Du är källan'

'Du är källan' is a Swedish phrase that means 'You are the source'.

The following work is a poster, designed for "Du är källan" which is an institution in Malmö, Sweden, directed by Elin Iderberg, that offers series of courses in Chanting Qigong. The work is done in collaboration with Anna C Rowland who is the photographer of this project.

In the design of this work, special attention is given to the spiritual nature of Qigong, which is a Chinese philosophy and practice of aligning breath, physical activity and awareness for mental, spiritual and physical health.

The photography and design are aimed to visually communicate aspects of Chinese martial arts and the spiritual awakening to one's true nature through colors, typography, and body language of the human model.