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Client: Sony Mobile

Music: Gyom Amphoux

Date: Oct, 2017

Copyright: SONY

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Promo Video for Xperia's Android™ Oreo Update

Hundreds of people at Sony Mobile work hard every day, to design and develop features, apps, and services for Xperia users. Periodically, all these enhancements together form an operating system upgrade package which is then released to Xperia users all around the world. These updates are then pushed to the users, via Xperia's Update Center.

As UX Designers whose passion is working, creating, and designing for users, we decided to create a series of promo videos to send out with every software release. The goal was to use videos as a fun, quick and accessible medium, to educate our end users about the highlights of latest features and streamlined performance of their beloved Xperia devices.

We intended to engage users, make them feel more special and more included in the company's development plans. We wanted to make them curious to discover more, also increase our software upgrade rate, along with creating lots of buzz in the internetscape.

In this promo video, casts light on Android 8.0 Oreo, introducing great new features and improvements that make users' Xperia devices run faster, smoother, and save even more battery power than before.