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Client: PortoLead Asia AB

Sound: REC-VIEW film production

Script: Mehrdad Dolatshahi

Narration: Lea-Anne Allen

Music: Dan Gautreau

Date: Jun, 2011

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Corporate presentation film for PortoLead Asia

The following work is a short corporate presentation film, produced for PortoLead Asia AB. PortoLead Asia is a company which exclusively works with marketing for innovative companies in the Middle East.

This project is designed and directed to illustrate a professional and modern corporate identity for PortoLead Asia. The main theme in this film is inspired from PortoLead Asia's Logo that represents a galaxy. Hence, some visual motifs such as sphere forms, rotational movements, circles, celestial bodies, as well as PortoLead Asia’s green corporate color are frequently used in the film.

Since a huge and important part of PortoLead Asia's target clients are located in Scandinavian countries, particular attention is given to creating a visual style which adequately correlates with the Scandinavian visual culture. Consequently, a clean, futuristic, fresh, and bright visual style is dedicated to this corporate presentation.

One of the biggest challenges in creating this film was communicating a huge amount of information to the audience to clarify the business concept, while keeping the presentation very short and preventing the spectators from becoming tired or overwhelmed by the amount information. To overcome this challenge, we used not only a brief text in the narration, but also interactively used graphics, illustrations, and animations for telling the story. Furthermore, we tried to keep the music as a dynamic part of the presentation, which interacts with the pauses in the narration, and visual happenings in the film.

Issues such as multi-nationality, gender equality, and ethical advertising, are further thoughts hidden in the film. All these resulted in a successful multimedia presentation that received many positive criticisms. Reach PortoLead Asia via their Facebook page, or their YouTube channel.