• Responsive web design
  • Responsive web design

Responsive web design for HitchStan Arkitektur

This work is a responsive website designed for HitchStan Arkitektur. Along with the website project, we have created architectural illustrations for HitchStan as well, using their creative designs and renders. HitchStan is a Swedish architecture company located in Stockholm, which is professionally involved with architectural and urban design.

HitchStan's professional image and the high profile they keep in their activities forced us to reflect the same level of creativity and quality in designing this website, as well as the architectural illustrations. The site is made to be responsive and alter itsproportions according to the visitor's screen.

Meanwhile, since the architectural illustrations and how they are presented, were the most important items in the website, we gave extra attention to them in the design of this project. Architectural illustration are presented in full screen mode, and the visitor only needs to click to follow the presentation of each work; while s/he always has access to the navigation parts of the site, and to the description of each project. Follow HitchStan on Facebook

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