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Client: Hayan BioFuel

Photography: © Les Haines

Date: July, 2012

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Website design for Hayan BioFuel

The following work is a website designed for Hayan BioFuel, a Swedish company located in Lund, which is involved with a variety of services within green technologies and alternative fuels.

Having a fresh, and simplistic, was the main goal in the design process. We also tried to give the visitors a sense of 'Swedishness' by using the fields of Rapeseed oil as a visual motif, because these beautiful fields can be often seen in landscapes of southern Sweden, especially in Skåne County (Scania), where the company is also located.

The website is easily navigateable via user-friendly menus and internal links. The idea is to keep the visitors motivated for browsing the website and finding their needed information easy and fast; as the website offers information databases and educational data. Furthermore, we have used CSS style sheets and correct structure has made this website both browser-friendly, and search-engine-friendly, and compatible with tablets and smartphones.