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Client: FacebookGruppen

Date: Sep, 2011

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This company is no longer active!

Website design for FacebookGruppen

The following is a website designed for interactive, and multilingual website for FacebookGruppen, a Swedish company located in Helsingborg, that works professionally with Facebook Ads. They offer help to companies that need to run their PPC advertising campaigns on Facebook, to increase their sales by driving more relevant traffic into their websites.

Being informative, simplistic, and interactive, as well as having a vivid user interface was the major concerns in designing this website. We have tried to make a user friendly website, which provides the most important information to the audience in the first hand, via an animated flash header. The animated flash header have a huge effect on making the website alive, and interactive; meanwhile it does not let the visitors leave the website early, before they find their answers.

Moreover, using CSS style sheets and correct structure with embedded keywords, and meta-descriptions has made this website both browser-friendly, and search-engine-friendly.

NOTE: FacebookGruppen is not active any longer. you can visit the site at this demo page