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Client: Metro Media AB

Date: May, 2011

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Note: This company is no longer active. This logo is ©ed and availabe to buy.

Logo design for Metro Media

The following work is a logo designed for Metro Media. Metro Media is a Swedish company located in Helsingborg, that is involved with a variety of services related to website production and search engine optimization. They work also a sponsored links consultants, and help companies to run their PPC advertising campaigns, and increasing their sales, by driving more relevant traffic.

Metro Media’s professional working branch had a decisive role in the design of their logo. Inasmuch as they work directly with technology and digital world, we tried to reflect this on their logo design. A fresh, clean, and contemporary design, accompanied with vivid blue color that reminds of modern digital technologies. A lot of thoughts applied in the design process, to enhance their visual identity, and enrich their professional corporate identity.

Designing a crown-like form for Metro Media’s logo calls to mind, the Swedishness of the company and is supposed to evoke positive feelings in the target audience.

Note: Because this company is no longer active, and because the copyright of this logo belongs to Tiny Little Monsters; therefore this logo is available for resell. In case this logo (shapes and design of two M letters) can represent your business and you are intrested to buy this logo feel free to contact us