Logo & Logotype design for Snackis

Snackis AB is a Swedish innovative company located in Lund, Sweden, that offers an alternative solution for social communications. Snackis is not only a platform for fascinated people who want to share their ideas, viewpoints, and thoughts; but also a place for those who are seeking for people's ideas and value their feedback. Snackis is all about collecting different ideas in one place, and provide the people possibilities of starting fruitful conversation with those who they like, or care for.

Form of the logo is designed to symbolically represent the described idea behind the company. The chat / thought bubble, placed on a background that reminds of a colorful whirlpool, connotes a place in which, ideas and people's thoughts are gathered; and this is done through the ongoing conversation between Snackis members. The different vibrant colors represent the diversity of such ideas, and also provide the logo with a visual function for grabbing attention in a crowded website, in which Snackis widgets are placed. The beautiful and colorful logo can easily stand out in an app-store or on a webpage where different applications are presented.

In as much as, Snackis will live its life mostly within the digital world, the design has been focused on making a logo that suits the demands of the digital platforms.