Logo design for Susa Library

The following work is a brand new logo designed for Susa, an Open Source project which provides a mathematical and signal processing C++ library. Susa is a standalone project and does not use any other third party libraries, which makes it light and easy to compile. Providing convolutional Forward Error Coding (Encoder, Viterbi and BCJR Decoder), Channel Equalizer (Viterbi and BCJR Decoder), Linear Algebraic operations and analysis (e.g. SVD), and Signal processing operations (e.g. Filter, Convolution, Random Number Generator (RNG)), make Susa unique among similar libraries.

In the design of this project, notions such as signals, waves, and complicated mathematical calculations were in focus. The logo’s shape is inspired by ‘helix’, which is a type of smooth curve that rotates around an axis in three-dimensional space, and can be constructed through mathematical calculations. In addition, choosing greenish blue colors for the logo was aimed for creating a futuristic look, and reminding the beholders of modern digital technologies. Follow Susa on Facebook