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  • Webbdesign för Luua

Website design for Kudde & Kandelaber

Kudde & Kandelaber is an interior design shop located in Lomma, where you can find what makes your home a better place; such as fresh interior decoration, both trendy and antique, beautiful pots, candlesticks and also lots of great gifts.

The website is designed in a way to reflect the comfortable and cozy feeling of being home. Pictures specially are aimed to both call to mind the interior atmosphere of the shop itself, as well as being interesting for the visitors of the website and motivating them to visit the actual shop.

The site is furnished with beautiful "jQuery slideshows" as well as a product gallery that provides the visitors a friendly experience of browsing the website and getting the needed information without going from one page to another. The image gallery automatically syncs with the client's Facebook fan-page albums, and retrives new images from there. This makes not only less work for administrating the site, but also keeps the fans and the website up to date.

In addition, the CMS structure provides the owner with possibility of customizing and upgrading the website contents. Integration of the website with social networks also, enhances the online presence of Kudde & Kandelaber, and keeps its customers updated with the latest news, offers and events in the shop.

Get in touch with Kudde & Kandelaber via their Facebook page