• Webbdesign för Advokatfirman Conny Lindhe AB

Website design for Advokaterna Lindhe

The following work is a simple and classic website for a lawyer firm in Staffanstorp, Sweden; designed to provide a decent tool to help them keep in touch with their clients and inform them about the company. This work is a redesign of Advokaterna Lindhe’s previous website, which was a website developed with Adobe Flash that was not supported with Apple devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

Therefore, the new design was aimed to create a website that is supported with variety of smart phones, tablets and different web browsers. Thus we have created a so called liquid website with help of CSS and HTML and JavaScript, which is not only compatible with most of today’s browsers and surfing devices, but also because of having a liquid template it can be visited easier on smaller screens such as smart phones, without any need of zooming on the content.

In addition, there has been some visual improvements in the interface design of this website. This version of the Advokaterna Lindhe’s website is more user-friendly and provides more information to its audience. Moreover, the correct structure of this website makes it more search-engine-friendly comparing to its previous full-flash version.